My Future Plan

Topics: Military junta, Military dictatorship, Burma Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Why I chose this study for my Future and my country?
Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Phone Myint Maw, and I am Burman. I was born on 14 June, 1990. At that time, the Military government held the Election for our country. And, my father won in 1990 election and he was chosen as representative of our town. And, his party is National League for Democracy. Unfortunately, N.L.D was not given mandate by Military Junta. So, the N.L.D did not have the authority to rule the country and they stand as opposition party. But, they had been trying to give Democracy, Human Rights, and Peaceful Life to the people of Burma from that time of 1990 until now. Moreover, Military government arrested the representatives and members of the N.L.D party in 1998. And, my father was also detained for four years. Immediately, things had happened very quickly at that time of 1998. My father was detained, and in addition, Military Junta took his doctor’s license and stopped his work. And so, my life reached the turning point and our life-line was cut down. I and my family faced a big change around this time and we were in big trouble. But, I and my family never gave up and we supported our father and his party. I also tried harder during those years. And, I passed Matriculation Examination in 2006. After I passed matriculation examination in 2006, I was trying to be good at English skills more than before. So, I tried to access with English school of British Council. Firstly, I attended the English Class at National League of Democracy and I passed this class, then, I got the scholarship from Britain’s Government with the recommendation of N.L.D to attend higher levels at English school of British Council. And, I got the Level 5 Completion Certificate from British Council in 2008. Moreover, I tried to complete volunteer skill at British Council. So, I volunteered as Self-Access-Center Assistant at British Council, Burma. In addition, I completed the needed...
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