My Future Is Now

Topics: Computer, Computer graphics, Computer animation Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: April 14, 2013
My Future is Now
I feel the lush red carpet under my elegant shoes and smile has a cameras rush up to snap pictures of the slow procession. I slowly walk up to the hall of my very first Hollywood Premiere. A colleague of mine sweeps over with a big grin on her face.

"Bet you thought you'd never be at one of these!" she says excitedly.
"Well yeah, i guess the hard work ive been doing ever since i was 12 has really paid off. I mean look where i am now!" I proudly replied.
"I can see that now and im very proud of you!" she said back.
My pursuit to achive my future goals began a very long time ago in Dearborn, Michigan. Having grown up in a "computer intense" family, I never realized the necessity in involving computers in my life to achieve my future goals. My future started to develpot when i was in middle school in Dearborn, Mi. Slowly, I worked my way up and here i am now creating special effects for movies in Hollywood.

"Get off that idiot box" my mom used to yell everytime i used the computer. Little did she know that i was actually put all my sblings baby picture into timeline story movies. I would add special effects like background music and cool transitions from one picture to another. I would even add little movie clips here and there like my little sister taking her first steps and my big brother ride his first bike.

I was suddenly aware of my creative tendancies, using computers to help me do my work. As my focus turned to the process behind creating televison and movie programs, I realized the perfect combination; creating digital special effects.

My future goal becam even more possible when a new high school in my area boasted a technology magnet program created for students interested in technology-geared careers. WHen i discivered that one of the sub-divisoons was visual communications, I immediatly jumped at the oppurtunity. Through the program i was able to learn about computer design and experience an internship with a local...
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