My Future Goal

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I have a dream to become a nurse t use these qualities to serve patients in need. But first of all , let’s think about years of college and 2 years of nursing school. I also once had a dream of being a vet, but I like being a nurse more than a vet because I don’t like animals like I like babies. And plus being a vet you have to take more time in school like about 2 years of college and 3 years of vetting school. Also taking care of both babies and animals are important, and my parents want me to follow nursing. Cause it’s easy to find the job . Nurses not only have to be caring but they must be smart. A nurse is usually the first person who recognizes that their patient is in a bad condition or not. And nurses are in high demand and start at an approximate salary of $50,000 in the larger metropolitan areas in the country. This job is the fastest growing occupation in the economy because every single day every single country and every single state there’s a life that need to be carry, protect, and love. And that is why I want to become a person that can be helpful to my own country and people around me. Nurse also make a difference in someone's life. And specially never be bored , you will experience lifelong learning. You will have the opportunity to share in the first breath of life.
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