My Future Career in Welding

Topics: Welding, Training, Vocational education Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Welding Research Paper

Many individuals pursue careers that are just for them but some take research of the future career to know what they will do. I believe my future career is welding by all the research that I have done on welding. In the following paragraph I will share my research.

Welding has it’s advantages but also it’s disadvantages.Some advantages are the variety in welding. Welders can work in auto making, engineering, agriculture, construction and shipbuilding, among other fields. Another advantage is the opportunity to use high-tech equipment. The use of high-tech means being trained in the best equipment. The last advantage of being a welder is the transfer ability. Since most welding jobs require the same skill you can transfer easily. Some disadvantages are that its very hot and that the gases that you breathe in welding are not good for you.

Welding has some education requirements. Some education requirements are a trade school, an associate degree from a community college, or a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university. You can also get some knowledge through on-the-job training programs or apprenticeships. With all those different levels of knowledge gives you different levels of pay placed into a higher level of placement.Depending on the amount of skill and specialty of welding average salaries range from $30,175 to $47,577. Welding also has it’s benefits that come in handy. 70 percent of welders receive medical coverage from their employers. Furthermore, 49 percent get dental care and 34 percent get vision coverage.

The work environment, work conditions are little extreme. welders may work alone or as a part of a team in a plant or when performing work.The welding facility usually do not have air condition. Some welding processes are cool and clean while others are extremely hot and dirty. Toxic fumes are in the air at some times and so are gases. When welding the environment around you is loud and has a lot...
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