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  • Published : February 26, 2002
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Future Plans

Scholarship Essay

"Did life exist on Mars?"

"What would it take to build a spaceship that could travel at the speed of light?"

"When will the moon be colonized?"

These are just some of the questions that wander through my mind all day. Fascinated by the secrets of the universe, I yearn to uncover mysteries. In order to blast open all the closed gates between knowledge and myself, I need the powerful tools of


After I graduate from high school, I plan to attend a college or university that has strong mathematics and science departments. Even now, I am actively preparing to enter the realm of science, taking college-level math and physics classes through the Running Start program. Upon receiving a college degree, my life-long dream is to engage in scientific research for NASA.

Unfortunately, most colleges notable for their academic standards are also renowned for costly tuition. My family consists of one working parent and two children who wish to attend college. Receiving the Lacamas Credit Union Scholarship would lighten the financial burden on my family and would enable me to pursue my dream. Perhaps then, my questions could be answered. Hope you enjoyed this little bit if u like it then look for my future papers by "enterit" So until then, maybe ill here from u or sumthin. this was my first paper so im sorry if Its not the greatest well if you don't like it then well u know "off" ok im out peace. Ok now there Not taking my paper so maybe ill write some more and now let me see.