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Providing quality education is the primary concern of Philippine educational system. Quality education is dependent on the quality of teachers. Field study is one way of preparing pre-service teachers to be properly prepared to undertake the vital role in uplifting the quality of education in the country.

What is learned from Field Study or in the actual learning environment is far different from what is being learned in the classroom. What is only heard can be forgotten, as Confucius said that: What I hear, I forget.

What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.

Three short statements but they mean a lot. These statements really imply the importance of conducting a Field Study by the education students. It enables the students to observe, verify and reflect on various events which relate to the concepts, methods and strategies previously learned. It also provide opportunities to capture experience which can be further verified, confirmed and reflected on in relation to their becoming a teacher. In this field study 1, the student teacher who undertakes this will be able to:

➢ Identify the stage of the physical, motor, linguistic, literacy, cognitive, social and emotional development of the children or adolescents as manifested in the actual classroom setting.

➢ Observed and reflect on the different approaches employed by the teacher in dealing with learners in the different stages of development.

➢ Analyze how the teaching and learning process should be conducted considering the different phases of child development.


Determining a school environment
that provides social, psychological, and
physical environment supportive of learning.

| | |School Facilities Checklist | |Facilities |Available |Not Available |Description | |Office of the Principal | | |It is in good condition, well-lighted and | | | | |properly ventilated, spacious, clean, attractive | | | | |and the furniture’s are well-organized. | |Library | | |It is in good condition, well-lighted and | | | | |properly ventilated, spacious, clean, have chairs| | | | |and tables, books are properly arranged, and | | | | |noise free | |Counseling room | | |It is in good condition, well-lighted and | | | | |properly ventilated, clean, | |Canteen/Cafeteria | | |Clean, nutritious snack and beverages are being | | | | |sold | |Medical Clinic | | | | |Audio Visual/Media Center | | | | |Reading Center | | |It...
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