My Friends at Korpri Senior High School

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My Friends at Korpri Senior High School
I have three closer friends when I studied at Korpri Senior High School; they are Rosie Paulina, Prabhanita Ariprasti, and Laras Elfandari. Now, I would like to describe my three friends, physical appearances, their hobbies, and memorable activities with them. But before I will let you know when, where and also how I met my three friends. I met them in Korpri Senior High School but for Rosie or I called Paul, I met her in the first grade because Rosie became my class mate. And then about Prabhanita or Baba, I met her when we were studying together at the same class in the second grade, but she was not a transferred student. I just knew her when we had a same class. And the last one is Laras Elfandari or Ayas, I met her when we were as a committee of organization at my school. That’s all about when, where and how I met with them and now, I will be glad to describe them about the physical appearance, their hobbies, and memorable activities with them one by one.

The first is Rosie Paulina or Paul. She is nineteen years old now and her birthday is on July 24th 1993, she is from Medan, and she also has good family, she has one little brother and one little sister and their name are Paddre and Esta, but her father died when she was fourteen years old because her father had heart attack, even he ever had surgery. She has good appearance such as she has wavy and black hair, good smile, big eyes, and has freckled skin. Even though she looks feminine, she is really stronger than we think and she always stays her statement and no one can change it. About her hobbies, she is really movie and drama maniac, she is so addicted with any movies and dramas. She is also smart of English. Her skill of English is really good in speaking and writing too. Sometime she teaches me English if I can understand about the grammars or anything. Many memorable activities I had with them, such as she was my class mate during three years from first...
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