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Topics: Safety, Traffic, Visitor Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Good morning to the principal, teachers, and fellow students. I am honoured to stand here to give a talk. My talk is entitled ¡°Safety Measures in School, at Home and on the Road.¡± In school, we must ensure that the visitors sign-in is not dangerous. This is a part of responsible to a school guard. So, he must to check carefully whether the visitor has brought the dangerous tool or not. Next, all the students must follow the laboratory rules. For example, if a student want to go into the laboratory, he or she must ask request from the relate teachers. If not, it can cause some problem. This is because the laboratory has many dangerous things like acidic solution and other toxic substances. Other than that, the fire drills also can happen. Then, the supervision of students during their outdoor activities also can cause the injured. Students sometime may careless to crash with others. However, at home, you should keep away harmful products from children¡¯s reach. You should put the sharp things such as scissors with a height that children cannot reach there. Moreover, you are advice to place the fire extinguisher in the kitchen for the first aid of safety. On the other hand, you should ensure the bathroom floor is always in the dry and clean condition so that you can avoid to be fallen down. If there is in wet condition, it is easy to fall down and get disease like osteoporosis, especially the older people. You must keep first aid kit in your house for emergency events. Last but not least, you also must take safety measures on the road. The road users, especially all of you who are motorcyclist must use helmet to keep your safety. If you are sending to school by car, you must put on safety belt. Also, you should avoid speeding on the road because this can due to road accident and you may fatal to die. Therefore, you should follow up the traffic rules to avoid the road accident. I end my...
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