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Topics: Leisure, Olympic sports, Diving Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: December 20, 2011
My free time – holiday, rest, leisure and recreation
What do you do in free (spare) time? What’s your favorite pursuit at leisure?

First of all, I would like to say that I am fond of spending time with my family, relatives and friends. I am keen on communicating with them. I prefer healthy lifestyle and active forms of holiday, rest, relaxation, leisure and recreation such as:

1. going in for sports, tennis, la cross, badminton, swimming, volleyball, especially

beach volley; biathlon, soccer (beach soccer), basketball, hockey, skiing, skating, alpine skiing, diving, biking; bungee jumping, cliff diving and mountain biking; I’d like to try rafting, sky diving and windsurfing.

So I exercise (work out) in the gym regularly, three or four times a week.

2. taking part in different amateur competitions, championships; hiking, jogging, aerobics, staying in the country, or just outdoors, in the open air; fishing, boating.

3. I am passionate about traveling, taking photographs, attending Museums, Picture Galleries, Art Exhibitions, Theaters, Fairs, Concerts and movies.

4. I’m fond of watching figure skating, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, hockey matches and championships, especially World and European, Olympic Games.

5. I’m keen on dancing and music;
6. Of course, I’m fond of reading;
7. So I’ve got a lot of hobbies.
Recreation consists of things that you do in your spare time to relax. Leisure is the time when you are not working and you can relax and do things that you enjoy Relaxation is a way of spending time in which you rest and feel comfortable. Nouns relaxation Adjectives relaxed relaxing Verbs relax

Sport in my life
1. People all over the world are fond of sports and games.
2. Sport keeps us fit, makes us healthy, more organized, better disciplined. 3. It gives us a lot of pleasure, makes us stronger, and prolongs our life. 4. So only sports can keep us fit and cheer us up.

5. Sport not only helps people to become...
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