My Five Year Plan

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Within the next five years I am reaching to be at cal state Long Beach (CSULB). To get to that point may be a little bit of a struggle but it will be all worth it when I become a crime scene investigator. There is one small trick to this though, I am not sure if I still want to be an investigator. I have been thinking about how many positions will be open and financial wise. I am also thinking about becoming a dentist and going to Loma Linda University (LLU).

Last year I was looking into those schools and have been completing the A-G qualification classes. After I graduate high school, I will be going to Mira Coast College to get all of my general education classes done. Once I do that I will be ready to transfer to Cal State Long Beach or Loma Linda University.

I believe that if I was to become a dentist I will always have work and a position for me to be in. my elders have told me that someone in the medical field would always have a job and there will always be a need to have doctors and specialist. I believe that also because if I do become a dentist there will be many people coming in for some type of help. If its for gum disease or for a cavity. I will have lots of work for me in the future because there will always be a need for a dentist because of any diseases that start from the mouth can infect other parts of the body and it is just overall hygiene.

If I were to become a crime scene investigator I would be going to Cal State Long Beach where they have a great forensics and criminal justice program. I was given papers all about the different courses I could take and how much they would cost. I am going to take a tour of their campus with my aunt and uncle because my uncle is a professor there and he would be able to give me the full tour and actually have me do some work in the forensics lab.

So within the next five years I will be either at Cal State Long Beach or Loma Linda University taking classes and earning my degrees to be able to work in...
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