My Fitness Goals

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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My physical condition is good but I could always work and improve on it. I have a couple of fitness goals for the year of 2013. One of my goals is to be able to do my left, right, and middle splits. I will accomplish that goal by stretching every day. Another one of my goals is to build up my cardiovascular endurance. I will do that by running and jogging more each day. My last fitness goal is to get my black belt, I am currently a purple belt in mixed martial arts. I am about halfway there. The sports I currently participate in is MMA. I am happy with my current weight but I would love to build more muscle and burn more fat. I would like to learn more about proper nutrition and eating habits, so that I can improve on that. Another thing I would like to work on is getting enough sleep. I usually go to bed pretty late around 1:00 in the morning. For MMA I want to get my next rank and I want to improve on my form and technique. I hope to one day get my black belt and become an instructor. Monday| Tuesday| Wednesday| Thursday| Friday|

StretchCardioMMA| StretchJumping jacksLower bodyMMA| Stretch CardioMMA| StretchUpper bodyBack and shouldersMMA| Mile runAerobics| StretchUpper bodyMMA| StretchLower bodyMMA| StretchAerobicsMMA| StretchCardio dayMile runMMA| StretchStrengthBack and shoulders| StretchCardio day MMA| StretchAerobicsMMA| StretchLower bodyMMA| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchCardioMile runMMA| StretchUpper bodyMMA| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchLower bodyMMA| StretchStrength| StretchAerobicsMMA| StretchCardio dayMMA| StretchLower bodyMMA| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchUpper body| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchCardioMMA| StretchBack and shouldersMMA| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchCardioMile run| StretchCardioMMA| StretchAerobicsMMA| StretchStrengthMMA| StretchMile runLower bodyMMA| StretchUpper bodyBack and shoulders| StretchAerobicsMMA| StretchCardioMMA| StretchBack and shouldersMMA| StretchLower...
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