My First Week in College

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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What a feeling! It’s finally here! As the plane lifted off to take me to a new destination, a new era in life, I felt myself emerging from being a boy into a young man. As mom pulled up to the college in our rented SD car, I took a gasp of fresh air. I saw many cars with students pulling up to the campus with curious on lookers like myself. My mom entered the long lines that moved as slow as a snail; it felt as though what usually would take an hour to do took forever. Mom and my aunt setup my room, took me along with my siblings to dinner, gave me their long speech and said their goodbyes.

Oh yes! Bring on the freshmen party! The tours of the campus, international student meetings and I can’t forget the shuttle to the mall and Walmart. I thought to myself this is freedom; freedom away from my parents nagging me to clean my room, the dishes or take out the trash. Full with excitement of meeting new people and getting to know my campus better the first few days was good.

I woke up suddenly thinking I had over slept but it was only 4:00 a.m., couldn’t get back to sleep but slowly drafted off as I watched the seconds on the clock ticked away. I was awaken by my roommate movement in the room, “Ritchie, we late for school”, I got up rushed into our common bathroom (which was nothing I am used too), racing over to get to my first class dropping my books and feeling embarrassed. My stomach was tied up in a knot, as I approached the door of my class my legs buckled and became heavy, my inside turned over, and I had butterflies. As I stretched my shaking hands forward to open the door anticipating a huge room full with students, I asked to Lord to keep me covered but to my surprise the room was empty. Could you believe this, at that moment I was still living the life of a high school student and came to a quick realization that college life is nothing like high school or even elementary school because out of humiliation I found out that the reason we...
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