My First Week at Cuyahoga Community College

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Carline Long
1263 east 124th * Cleveland Ohio 44108 * (216) 855-5111 *

My first week of fall semester at Cuyahoga Community College

It was overwhelming because, this is my first time in a College or on a college campus. Dealing with all the different kind of people and their attitudes is a challenged. Staying focus in class is so hard when there are many classmates that are loud and unruly .The amount of homework that is given in some of the class is a bit much, but can be worked done in given amount of time. Being out of school for a while, because I was a young parent with children’s to support, also I had to support my sister eight children’s as well. This new routine of getting up early along with studying long hours can be challenging when you have been out of school for years. It was very frustrating when it came to find parking close to the student’s admission offices. My first day it began in the admission office waiting for enrollment many of the people began to show their frustration in many ways. Trying to be first to register for class several people begin to get in line In front of other people that were in line already. The excitement of meeting new people I look forward to doing so learning them and their culture. The excitement on coming back to school to further my education and learning different things will be a benefit to me. I am ready to Reaching my career goal that is something I have been trying to accomplish for a long time. Now that I am back in school I will do all it take to make this happen for me. That means long studying hours, researches, tutoring and a lot of concentration and asking of questions to my teachers, so I can become successful in my career goal.
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