My First Volunteer Experience

Topics: Humane society, Love, English-language films Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The first time I volunteered was at a humane society, and they had me cleaning out cages, and kennels. While I was cleaning, I was wearing gloves and a face mask, because the feces were so gross! A few of the dogs had actually gotten sick, while I was there, so I was cleaning up vomit. Breathing almost made me hurl every time I went into a different cage.

When I was done, I had to go around outside in the running area and pick up poop. And after I was done with that, I went straight to the bathroom and washed my hands, face, and my legs, so I would be able to groom the cats, dogs, and even a guinea pig named Ramone. But, some of the cats ended up hating me which left me, with love scratches and love bites.

My favorite part of the volunteering was when I got to take the dogs on a walk to the bike trail. The bike trail was only one block away. However the dogs pooped frequently, and I had to pick up the feces. One thing I thought was funny was when the German Shepard “Juju” jumped into the little creek that’s like 20 feet from the end of the bike trail. But, the funniest thing of all was when all the little shiatsus jumped in with him, as if they were trying to save him, the creek was probably not even a foot deep, but the creek was clear blue and really pretty, surprisingly enough. There was never any current, so I never even worried about the dogs drowning. But, I ended up having to get in the creek to get the shiatsus, because when Juju got out, he accidently kicked the other dogs onto the other side, which I thought was really funny. Then I was yelling at them and said, “Pete, Noodles, and Brownie get over here to this side right now!!” So, I had to go get them, because they just stared at me as if I were stupid. After I got them, I dried us all off. We all headed back to the humane society. When the dogs were back in their kennels and with the chains and collars put away, the staff told me if I wanted to play with three groups of kittens....
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