My First Unforgettable Evening

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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My First Unforgettable Evening

|remember |happened |cheeks |scene |

It () many years ago, when I was a little girl. I can neither ( ) the beginning nor the end , but whenever I think of the (), tears flow freely down my ().

|young |carried |trudged |imagine | |visiting |overcoat |flooded |held |

When I was (), my family led a poor life in the country. One evening we were () some relatives and the weather was very bad. It rained so hard that the roads were () with water. On our way home that evening, my Dad () me on his back. My Mom ()my elder brother’s hand, and held an umbrella for Dad and me. Dad gave his ( ) to my elder brother. As you can (), many country roads are difficult to walk on. This road was especially bad after the rain. However, we ()together through the mud and the rain for more than an hour.

|hard |comfortable |decreasing |fell |achieved |

Though I was on my Dad's back, I wasn’t ()either. I was fat at that time and it may have been () for Dad to hold me for such a long time. He almost ( ) down four or five times. In hopes of ()my father's burden, I tried to "carry" myself, through force of will alone. That may sound funny, but I was just a kid. Of course, I ()nothing.

|arrived |caught |covered | |asleep |puddles |placing |

When we () home, the inside of our house was ( ) with rain water. The rain had come through our leaky roof and ( ) were everywhere. Mom put bowls and tubs all around the house...
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