My First Time in London

Topics: London, London Eye, Trafalgar Square Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: December 6, 2011
My first time in London
I think that the most exacting trip that I have ever made was the one when I went to London England. I was on summer vacation in Thailand at the time and was supposed to be returning home to the Dominican Republic; however, I had a better idea, I was going to England instead. Leaving through the airport in Bangkok was absolute chaos; they were building another airport at the time to accommodate the increasing number of people, and judging by my experience, it couldn’t come soon enough. The lines at the baggage collection and check-in were crazy. It took me a while to realize that there weren’t actually any lines. This was very stressful and a lot different from what I was used to in my home country. After fending off the crowd of travelers, my tickets was collected and I sat back and relaxed during a long but comfortable flight to London. I was thinking how my father was going to react after he found out that I wasn’t coming home, but London. Maybe he would want to kill me. However, that thought was short-lived because when I arrived at Heathrow Airport I was very excited to catch up with my cousin who met me at the arrivals area. Catching the underground (train stop) back to their apartment, we had plenty of time to catch up and share some funny stories. I woke up the next day a little bit tired from all the flying, but was still determined to get in as much sightseeing as I could in my first day in London. After a quick lesson on the underground (the train line, or the subway), I set out for my first look at this historic city. First up were the classic sights of Big Ben, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey and others. It was almost hard to keep up with all the amazing buildings, and I had to keep pinching myself as I stumbled upon more around every corner. It’s always strange seeing things in person that I have only ever seen in magazines or on TV. Luckily they all lived up to expectations, even if Big Ben was a little...
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