My First Speeding Ticket

Topics: English-language films, Speed, Traffic law Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 13, 2008
My First Speeding Ticket

It was a cool December evening. I was tired but excited to be going back to my hometown for the weekend. It was a long drive home and I wished time would go by faster. The clock on the dash beat methodically, as if it was in time with the rotation of the tires, round, and round. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as I met an oncoming police officer and realized that I was exceeding the speed limit a great deal. Frantic I sped up and looked for a road that I could slip off onto. I drove and drove and could not find any suitable byway (and even if I did I was probably going to fast to negotiate an exit). As I rounded the next corner, to my dismay, there was another police officer waiting on my arrival. At that very moment I realized there was no way to avoid the inevitable – a ticket. Moments later the officer came to my window “Good evening” he said. “You were going 82mph in a 55mph zone back there”

I replied with an excuse I’m sure he had heard numerous times before -“I was just going with the flow of traffic!” The officer chuckled.
“License and registration please.”
I gave him my license and registration and he returned to his vehicle. Several minutes later the officer returned with my citation, and I sped away.
Needless to say, I was just a bit distraught as I drove the remaining miles home. Looking back I realize that the citation was well deserved. The officer could have taken me to jail for the night, or worse. But thankfully I just had to pay a small fine. Although I did learn a lesson from the experience, I do not believe it...
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