My First Pedagogical Experience

Topics: Teacher, Education, Pedagogy Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: May 9, 2013
My first pedagogical experience
Eventually it is hard to speak about some pedagogical experience being the fourth year student. Yet studying in the pedagogical university we should have some practice, concerning the mutual interaction with the children. Personally, I had already such an opportunity being only the pupil of the school. My first pedagogical experience took place when I was a senior pupil. I had an opportunity to check my educational abilities to teach children. That practice turned to be successful for me and I’ve got some advantages from it. First of all I’ve learned how to behave in the presence of about thirty pupils. Furthermore I acquired the faculty for reserving myself regarding the attitude towards pupils. One more advantage is that I managed my time properly and learned how to share information into equal proportions. One more interesting fact concerns the ability of becoming not only the one who teaches, but a close friend – the one who helps. The main advantage is that I’ve understood that I love children and really can connect my future with this career. While studying at university, I also had some pedagogical experience. It was in a form of giving private lessons for the pupils. In this level, I’ve practiced more my own abilities of some pedagogical skills, mainly how well can I explain the material to a child. Indeed, it tuned to be very beneficial for me, as I saw the problems on which I should pay more attention. All in all, the experience we get outdoor university is always favorable even for choosing future career. One should be aware of what expects him at school. I advise everyone to try himself practically before choosing some irrevocable step. Finally, the first experience last for a long period of time, and when it was a kind of success one wouldn’t be afraid of his future practice. Now I am expecting only a positive result from my future teacher practice, which I am going to have soon. The above...
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