My First Love

Topics: Love, English-language films, High school Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Freshman Year
Love is the greatest gift we can ever hope to give or receive. It is the one thing that can over come so many of the difficult times that we are faced within life. Love can turn the ugliness in the world into the most beautiful portrait. My first love started during my freshman year. Falling in love with my best friend changed the person who I am today.

Becoming a freshman in high school, made me feel like one of the older kids. I wasn’t a kid in middle school anymore. High school was a new surrounding with new people to meet. In all of my six classes, I only had one friend that I knew. His name was Michael Thompson. Michael was in my fifth period math class. He was always a class clown.

It all started when Sadies came. Sadies was a dance for a girl to ask a guy to a dance, and to dress as twins. My best friend and I wanted to go, so we decided on whom I should take. It was easy for her because she had a boyfriend at the time. Knowing Alexis’s boyfriend Tyler was best friends with Michael, she insisted on me asking him. She thought it would have been nice since we were all best friends. At the time I wasn’t interested in taking him, but Alexis persuaded me. She told me how great of a guy he was and how I would have so much fun if I went. I called him a few minutes later, he was so happy to hear that I wanted him to be my date.

Gonzalez 2 While shopping for our outfits, we got to spend time together. We got to learn more about each other. That day, I started to like him. The following week, Sadies came. We were both looking forward to the dance. We had such a great time with one another. We got together on April 27, 2008. Michael and I were like best friends, it was hard for something or someone to break us apart. We were always with each other and we always had fun. He was the perfect boyfriend in my eyes. Michael was very sweet and he...
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