My First Love

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My First Love
Finally I heart the million-dollar word, "yes" after the eight-hour long walk with her. My best friend was mad at me .I could see the anger in her eyes like a black cloud ready for a thunderstorm. It was five years ago, janaury 7th ,a sunny warm day at about 10:00 AM, I met her at the bus stop after wating for an hour.With in our three years friendship, I saw her get angry many times, but not like on that day. I said sorry more than a thousand times ; I heard no response form her. She was just walking on the side of the road with a sad face,and I was trying to convince her. She always used to say " Bhupendra you are my only friend who can understand me better than my family." But I failed to be her best friend that day. I had no idea what was going wrong on her mind . While walking for hours with her, I heard many vehicles passing us but not even a word form her mouth . I was afraid that I would lose my best friend ,whom I loved since the first sight. But she never got a view about my love even though we were friends for three years.

I saw her first at bus stop when I was sixteen, just for few minutes,but she sat in my memory. She was talking with her friend. I did not know who she was and where she lived. she was in loose brown trouser and light pink T-shirt with a smiling face. we both saw each other for a while like we knew each other. I never saw her in my school life .She was like a beautiful angel that I used to dream.Actually I feel love first time in my life at that time.I could hardly sleep couple hours at that night because only the picture of the beautiful angel was in my mind.

After high school, I went to business school for a two years accounting degree. It is still fresh in my mind, the first orientation class: I saw the same beautiful angel. I quickly recalled my memory and talked with myself, "Is she the same girl that I saw on the bus stop when I was sixteen? Yes, she...
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