My First Job

Topics: Responsibility, Social responsibility, Freeway Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: April 12, 2011
What was your first job like?
When I was sixteen years old I thought my first job was going to be at Mc Donald’s or some type of fast food restaurant. My mother wasn’t really the type that forced me to work at a younger age. Usually a lot of teenagers don’t work until seventeen or eighteen years old. Some times when I was a child I always wanted to be more responsible by doing things on my own, working, and driving, but at sixteen what can I be responsible at. As a young teenager I always looked at job postings. For example I would see chef jobs, office jobs and retail. Sometimes I would look at them just for the fun of it just to see what type of work that was offered in the bay area. Were I m from a lot of jobs don’t exist, and my community is so small that it didn’t create jobs for families. For example a lot of the good jobs like banks, store managers, and high end jobs were towards Oakland and San Francisco. When I was fifteen I heard about this program that helps younger teenagers find summer jobs, and it was something that sparked my interest. When I was sixteen I experienced a piece of responsibility; First I had my own job which generated my own money, second the job was very fun, finally I had a lot of responsibilities at work at a young age. First I had a job which generated my own money.

First my first job was at Cal-Trans in Oakland, California. My job position there was freeway maintenance which was in charge of looking at different freeways and reporting accidents. The crazy part about it was I was the youngest person there, and the only one from that program that qualified for the position. While working there I carried a lot of responsibilities. Another thing that was interesting was I had to dress up in slacks, dress shirts, and dress shoes to work every day. This job offered 40 hours a week and the pay was starting at $9.00 dollars an hour. The next thing that was interesting was I was sixteen was I started to feel more responsible because...
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