My First Impressions

Topics: English-language films, High school, The Karate Kid Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Dawn M. Ernst
Ms. Bernard
ENG 101-05
My First impressions…
When I was thirteen years old, and it was summer time I would go to McMoran dances that’s where I saw this boy. He was so cute dark hair, tan skin, tall and thin, he also had a very nice smile. He didn’t notice me because I stayed hidden. I kept seeing him there every week but I was so shy I said nothing, of course summer was almost over and I went to the last dance just to see him and he was not there. So I started High school and guess who was there? The mystery boy! I was so happy. I finally find out what his name was its Rob and you would not believe it but he looked so much like the Karate kid in the first movie, Maybe that’s why I fell for Rob because I had a crush on Karate kid. I saw Rob in the hall so I introduced myself and I think he didn’t really like me at first because of the girls I hung out with and that’s not how I wanted him to feel about me so of course I had to get rid of the bad people that were causing trouble for me. So I gain a positive person and lose a couple negative friends but its ok, my parents were happy. Rob and I start to date I am very happy. We had a wonderful freshmen year and sophomore year then of course my junior year is when it feels like my life starts to suck, the one and only person I thought I loved cheats on me. I was hurt of course but he apologizes and I took him back and what happens next is something two teenagers 16 and 17 years old was a lot to take on: I found out I was pregnant. I was a senior in High school when I had my baby boy January 28th 1992, my life changed when the doctor put him in my arms. I love him; I wouldn’t know what to do without him in my life. Still to this day I call him my baby boy and he is 21 years old. At the age 20 I brought a wonderful baby girl into this world on May 4th 1995, we decided we have our girl and boy we are done. Rob proposed to me a week after our daughter’s birth and of course I said YES! We got...
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