My First Gaming Check -- Keepsake Paper

Topics: Cyberathlete Professional League, Counter-Strike, Major League Gaming Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: October 27, 2010
My First Gaming Check
When the class was told to write about a “keep-sake” that we’ve all held onto over the years, only one thing crossed my mind: The first check I received from professional gaming. Some people could say that there is nothing special about a check you receive for doing something as meaningless as gaming, but I say NAY! Getting this check not only marked the start of my career as a professional gamer, and allowed me to gain four of my closest friends to this day, but also it marked the day I became one of the youngest professional gamers in the world, with a salary.

Being a child the age of thirteen, becoming a professional gamer had to have been the only thing on my mind. I looked through all of these pages such as Major League Gaming (MLG) and saw that all of these guys were making it big by doing what they loved, playing video games. I play a video game on the computer called, “Counter-Strike: Source.” It is a first person shooter that faces off a team of five counter-terrorists against another team of five terrorists. The objective of the terrorists is to detonate the bomb at one of two bombsites or eliminate all five Counter-Terrorists. The goal of the Counter-Terrorists is to eliminate all five terrorists or defuse the bomb. I had been playing this game for three years already. I was and still am to this day on a team called CompLexity Gaming. But only in 2005 did we ever get considered on the professional level.

My four friends and I entered in a tournament called the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) in 2005. All of the teams that we idled were there. When we first entered the coliseum, all we noticed were wall to wall computers and the huge trophy and check on the main stage. We all looked at each other and said in unison, “That belongs to us.” So we had our first game against a Swedish team named SK Gaming. They were seeded one to win the entire tournament, and rightfully so. We almost lost to them, but came back to...
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