My First Day of School

Topics: Class, Social class, School Pages: 2 (942 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Well my first week of school at North Carolina Central University is finally over. Looking back on my week I notice this week has had its ups and downs from the café to my roommate. Campus life is nothing like what I expected it to be there are a lot more people than I imagined. I knew there were going to be thousands of people but lord I am more than over whelmed. And on top of all the people the campus layout and hills are and were about the kill me I have never felt such a burning sensation in my legs. Four out of five of my classes are right beside each other so it’s not that bad but that walk to my Learning of Dimensions class is horrible I have the walk all the way to the School of Education building. Praise the lord that’s my last class of the day, if I had another class after that I don’t know how I would do it. I have the say I love my schedule everyday my classes start at 8 o’clock and my last class for the day ends around 10:25. This leaves me with the rest of the day to study and relax.

From what I have gathered my classes are going to be just fine I seem to have down to earth teachers who are positive an seem to love their job. Well all but one my math teacher is a little fistey but hope fully she will come around if not disliking one class outta five isn’t that bad. I can already tell my favorite class is going to be Education 1000 Literacy Enhancement, not only is my professor extremely attractive he is an educated black man who is open minded an down to earth he keeps it real and our views on the world and black population are basically the same. Outside of my professors the staff at NCCU are ok they could be better they are a little rude but I’m hoping and guessing because it’s the first week of school and things are hecked. No matter how much I love my classes the book cost for them are outrageous 130 dollars for English books what in the world. All together my books will equal around 300 dollars the government and bookstore should be...
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