My First Day Of School

Topics: American football positions, Educational years, English-language films Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: November 16, 2010
My first day of school, I was the happiest kid on planet earth first of all, because I was no longer staying at home, I was wearing a uniform and I had my first “Jansport” backpack. I remember it was black with many zippers. I also remember when I was bored at home I always opened my notebooks to see all the great work I’d done.

First grade wasn’t my favorite class because I didn’t knew anyone. So in second grade, I met a cute Palestinian-like kid called Amit who from that day he became my best friend. We’ve been friends ever since that day. Every Saturday we went to the movies, park, sleepovers, etc… On fifth grade Amit was no longer in my class so I was alone with no best friends in my class so I wasn’t used to it. So I cried because I wanted to change classrooms with someone else. Obviously they didn’t let me because I and Amit were troublemakers together. So I was crying, and I remember very well on “consejeria” class everyone was working in groups, and I was alone a side just thinking about leaving school and every kid in the classroom were laughing at me. And Leo Bassan appear and told me to be friends with him, he simply didn’t ask. So from that day those two were my best friends and who ever messed with them they would get in trouble because they were and still are my best friends.

High school started and all I was ever thinking of was football, football until today is my life. On 7th grade I began playing and joined the Titans, I started playing offensive tackle and defensive tackle on my rookie year. I was good enough to keep playing so I decided to make football the sport that I practice the most so I became very committed to it.

So my second year became my favorite, I was one of the biggest players on the field and one of the strongest and hard-hitters on the league. I was playing defensive end that’s my favorite position, besides being linebacker that is my position on this days, it was very fun and I love it because it’s like...
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