My First Day in the School

Topics: Genelia D'Souza, Education, Boy Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: April 9, 2013
My first day at school is a day that I will never forget. I went to school for the first time when I was only five years old, but I can recollect all the happenings on that day. The day before my school opened, my mother asked me to keep my books ready. The next morning, I woke up very early. Then I bathed and dressed myself neatly. Then my mother took me to school. In the school I saw a number of boys and girls waiting in the corridor. They were all like me in the school for the first time. Then I was taking to a classroom. For some time, I found myself helpless, but it did not take much time for me to be friendly with other students. After two periods, they began to tease me, I was much annoyed. During the recess time, all my classmates gathered around me. One pulled my shirt while another pulled my ear. A third boy challenged for a fight. I was frightened and began to cry. My teacher seeing me crying came to me and asked me why I was crying. When I told him my” story “the teacher punished the boys, and from that time onwards they stopped bullying me. We had no lessons on the first day, the lessons start on the second day. I was really happy to be in school on the first day. It was indeed a memorable day.
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