My First Day at School

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Essay #2
Jonatas N. Storck

English 032-S01

Essay #2 (Word count)

First Day of School
Everyone feels very anxious and at the same time nervous about their first day of school, because they are worried the way people look at them and if everyone will be accepted. I probably wasn’t an exaptation. I have? been out of school for years and all I was concerned about was not wasting any more time without a high education; I knew it that without a college degree the chances of being successful out the are very slim to none. (for that reason I made a decision to change my path in life) Even though the first day of school could be very challenging and also scary, those feeling shed away from me as my main concern was about being prompt to learn everything that I could. I remember walking to class looking at students face and just thinking to myself “this will be a long semester;” I was just so glad that I wasn’t the oldest student in the classroom, neither was I the youngest. It’s just a wonderful environment to be around people who are striving for success. (knowledge) In the Experience that I spend six years out of school, was extreme valuable to me. For I learned that with only a high school diploma there are almost no job opportunities with advancement and a good pay. Although while I was out of school I always kept my mind in my goals and achievement, and I was more determined than ever to pursuit my success and life goals by dedicating 100% of myself to my studies. I decided that I wanted to go for something unique, that isn’t a major that everyone has; for I choose chemistry as my major. I was attracted to chemistry because I love doing lab work, working with number and also doing experiments. I believe that aren’t many people whom choose chemistry as their major; because every time I say that I’m going for chemistry everyone goes, you major is what? My first day of school I could summarize as the best day of my life, for I knew that was(it has been or it...
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