My First Day at High School

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Shaneqwa L. Morton
Mrs. Debra Ashley
English 032
October 18, 2011

My First Day at High School
Did you have an exciting day on your first day of high school or was it the worst? My first day was exciting and bad. I was so glad to be out of middle school and on to the next level. My best friend and I always talked about when we get to high school we were gone do this and that. We just couldn’t wait. We even rode to school together to make sure we wouldn’t get lost. Plus we were always together so we didn’t want to start going our separated ways now. The reasons why my first day were bad because I was looking stupid getting lost and I had to be separated from my best friend. Otherwise, my first day did get better because I made new friends, and met new people.

To begin with, my first day of high school was exciting. I was ready to get away from the childish games. I was mostly ready to get away from a school that was small and still had playground in the schoolyard. It was time for me to accomplished bigger and better things and get ready for college. I thought to myself, it’s gone be a good day.

Secondly, the minute I walked through the gym double door, I nearly fainted. It was crowded and loud. It looks as if a million eyes were on me. From a distance, it looks like the people were ants. My hands started shaking nervously, but I tried hard not to show it. That is when Chelsea and I, my best friend, had to go our separate ways. I knew then it would not gone be a good day. It was not going as we planned. We knew this day would happen but we didn’t think it would be on our first day of high school.

In addition, my day couldn’t get any worse. I was getting lost around the big school and having hard time getting my locker open. It was torture. I felt so stupid. Laurens High school is like a big circle, so you could get so confused or lost in the school when you’re in the 9th grade for first time. I was quiet to myself, so I didn’t have the courage to ask...
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