My First Concert

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  • Published : August 9, 2009
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Describe any experience that you have of attending concert or opera. Describe your like and dislikes. Did anything strike you as being unexpected? Would you like to share any comments about music, singers, public, etc? If it was your first visit - did your expectations change after watching the performance? Did you become more aware of the music?

The first concert I ever attended was a very good experience for me and made a significant impact on my life. I was in elementary at the time. I must have been around ten or eleven. My sister, Sandra, had followed my father’s advice and joined the school band. I think the event was the annual school Christmas concert. The night had different effects on all of the people involved. Some were excited, others were nervous, but overall the cold evening air was filled with the joy of the season.

The evening started off a little slow, but eventually picked up. The concert was held in the school auditorium. Upon entering the building the greeters were handing out programs. I watched as my sister and the other students loaded and set the stage. They were all nervous, as it was their first time playing for anyone besides their music teacher and annoying their siblings at home.

I was very young, but I can still remember how my sister was shaking and could barely hold her flute. I was nervous for her as we both have always strived to make my father proud and were always scared we would fail. My father had always expressed how much he loved learning about music and being able to play many instruments. He had taught himself when he was young and had been playing for many years. I find it amazing that a music teacher can take a student that knows nothing about an instrument or music and have them playing in a matter of weeks or months. In saying that, I find it mind blowing that they can take group of students and organize a band or an orchestra in such little time and then put on a concert.

The audience was...
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