My First Basketball Game

Topics: Rooms, Turn, Turn-On Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Eric Moore
Essay #1
September 4, 2010

My eyes and ears open to the sound of chirping birds outside the dew covered window and my alarm buzzing behind my head. I sense that my room is still messed up from the night before after I threw my gym bag down from practice yesterday night. I stretch my arms and legs as I prepare to get out of my warm bed. I was so sore from practice it felt as if my muscles turned of and I couldn’t move for the whole time. I started to get the feeling back into my body and I put my hand against the cold alarm clock as I turn it off but it continues to buzz louder and louder. My knees crack, as I rest my feet onto my soft, cream colored floor. As I walk into my bathroom, sore from the night before, I stumble over my red Nike shoes that I left in the middle of my floor. I look myself in the mirror as I wipe the sleepy out of my eyes and I put my hand to turn on the silver colored foist to wash my face and brush my teeth. The warm sensation of water and the feel of the warm, soup covered rag that touches my face, after I smell the cinnamon on my gums it instantly woke me up. My muscles are still aching from the hard practice last night at the gym with my basketball teammates. We did defensive, offensive, and shooting drills for 3 hours straight. My mindset was cold, deep, dark, anxious, and a little bit nervous at this time. I am preparing myself for the most crucial game of my career, my first game. As I turn off the water and go back into my cold room to put on clothes. I hear my mother call from down stairs “Eric, What the hell are you doing you have to get ready to go!” As I am walking down the stair looking, at the dark hallway in front of me. I think to myself what will I do, how will I react, am I ready for what’s in store for me. As I try to sit down to eat the cereal that’s in front of me my mother lets me know that I don’t have enough time to eat and we have to leave now. I put on my black book bag that was sitting on...
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