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1.Answer the following questions briefly
(a) What is the poetic device used when the mirror says 'I swallow'? (b) How does the mirror usually pass its time?
(c) What disturbs the mirror's contemplation of the opposite wall? (d) Why does the mirror appear to be a lake in the second stanza? What aspect of the mirror do you think is being referred to here? (e) What is the woman searching for in the depths of the lake? (f) How does the narrator convey the fact that the woman looking at her reflection in the lake is deeply distressed? (g) What makes the woman start crying?

(h) What do you think the 'terrible fish' in the last line symbolizes? What is the poetic device used here? 2.On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice (a) When the mirror is being described as being 'unmisted by love or dislike' we understand that the mirror is i. not misted

ii. not prejudiced
iii. has four angles
iv. silver in colour
(b) The other word for 'contemplation' is………..
i. contempt
ii. meditation
iii. mediation
iv. thoughtful
(c) When the mirror says 'it has no preconceptions' it means that: i. it reflects back an image objectively
ii. it modifies an image as it reflects it
iii. it beautifies an image as it reflects it
iv. it gives a biased view of a person/object
(d) The mirror has been called 'a four-cornered god' because: i. it is square shaped
ii. like God it watches you unbiased and fair from all four angles iii. it reflects back all that it sees
iv. it never stops reflecting
(e) The 'speckles' refer to:
i. a pink object
ii. the opposite wall which has spots on it
iii. a person with pink pimples
iv. pink spots in general
(f) The phrase 'agitation of the hand' suggests that the person is: i. Very ill
ii. Very upset
iii. Very angry
iv. Very happy
(g) By saying...
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