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Topics: Methodism, United Methodist Church, Bishop Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: November 30, 2010
My Visit to Muir’s Chapel
On February 28, 2010, I went on a fieldtrip to a Methodist church called Muir’s Chapel United Methodist Church (UMC). The church was founded in 1822 when Jeremiah Dodson, a local preacher from the west, held services under brush arbors and the shade of oak trees on the grounds. The church grounds were located behind where the current building is located at 314 Muir's Chapel Road Greensboro, NC 27410. After his services and charge began, the charge was organized and passed on to the Reverend Thacker Muir. Reverend Muir cut the first log for the first structure known as the “Log Meeting House.” In Reverend Muir’s honor the name was changed to Muir’s Chapel.

After the deterioration of the log structure, it was replaced in 1875 by a one-room weatherboard building. Weatherboard is the cladding or ‘siding’ of a house consisting of long thin timber boards that overlap one another, either vertically or horizontally on the outside of the wall, thus making the building waterproof. This building was eventually moved across the street to the cemetery when the present sanctuary was constructed in 1903. During the years of 1929 thru 1932 the Log Meeting House was enlarged, remodeled and brick-veneered, along with the first landscaping of the grounds. There is a replica of the Log Meeting House remaining on the grounds today. In the honor of Reverend Thacker Muir, the current building is still known as Muir's Chapel.

In 1940, the first educational building, called the Smoak Building, was built and the following year the church received its first full-time pastor, W. Kenneth Goodson. There were annual Camp meetings at harvest time held in the Smoak Building until they were replaced by revivals, which were replaced at the turn of the century by Pre-Easter services. In the fifties, The Smoak Building was attached to the church, although it was then and currently still considered the educational wing of the church, it still...
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