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1.0 Introduction
Company Background

MyFC Holdings Sendirian Berhad is Malaysian home grown fast food restaurant. It was established on December 2006.Today MyFC has many branches in Kedah and Perak. There are eight branches in Kedah which located in Alor Setar, Pokok Sena, Changlun, Jitra, Kampar, Pendang, Hutan Melintang and Kuala Kedah. MyFC in Kuala Kedah is the latest outlet in Kedah. The grand opening was on 10th February. Mission of MyFC Holdings Berhad is to give customers alternative choice of meal. MyFC Holdings Berhad adheres 4S concept which is speciality, standardization, significant and sensation. Slogan of MyFC is The Taste That You Love!

MyFC Holdings Sendirian Berhad is a franchise of a fast food restaurant in Taiwan, named KLG. KLG has 23 branches all around the world. Mr Goon Lee Ooi is the founder of MyFC. He discovered MyFC has good opportunity to expand in Kedah and Perak. MyFC main office is located at Alor Setar. MyFC targets ten branches will be opened in 2010.

MyFC provides tasty fried chicken, jumbo hot dog, original chicken fillet burger, thicker french fries, healthy coleslaw, spicy Thai wings, coolest soft drinks and etc.

Location of MyFC




MyFC in Changlun

MyFC in Changlun was established on Jan 2007. Mr Chong Soo Teik is the owner and manager of this branch. It is a double-storey shop. It can accommodate 80 customers. Mr Chong had spent RM150 000 to renovate the shop. The reason Mr Chong chose and opened branch in Changlun is he thinks that Changlun is a very strategic place. He was born in Changlun and he discovered that if he started his business in Changlun, he might gain profit. He made up his mind decided to open MyFC in Changlun. Target customers mostly are UUM students. His business was response enthusiastically. Mr Chong is a very successful young entrepreneur. He has a good business strategy.

At this moment, there are five workers, three workers in charge at counter and two workers take charge at kitchen and lobby service. Business hours starts from 10am until 11pm. It opens everyday including public holiday except first day of Raya Ramadhan. Working hours of workers are following by shift. There are two shifts, first shift starts from 10am until 7pm and the second shift starts 2pm until 11pm.

MyFC provides good service to customers. The cashiers always put a smile on their faces. Customers’ most favorite food is fried chicken. It’s crispy and taste good. During festive seasons and school holidays, the shop will be crowded by customers.

Owner Profile


Name: Mr Chong Soo Teik

Age: 39

Education Level: Form 5

Status: Married

Born Place: Changlun, Kedah

Working experience: Car mechanic, hardware store, waiter

Organizational Chart

2.0 Types of skills

2.1 Start Up Skills/Strategy

The Challenge of Start up skills/strategy

Nowadays, the number of new venture start ups strategy has been consistently high. The reasons for entrepreneurs starting up new ventures are numerous. One study reported seven components of new venture motivation which is the need for approval, the need for independence, the need for personal development, welfare considerations, perceptions of wealth, tax reduction and indirect benefits and following role models. Although researchers agree that many reasons exist for starting a venture or strategy, the entrepreneur motivations of individuals usually relate to the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur, the environment and the venture itself. Other than that, a successful firms made greater use of professional advice and developed more detailed business plans.

The MyFc owner, Mr. Chong had successfully started a business in making his business real, that is, undertook activities that made his businesses tangible to others. At first, he only planned to invest in this MyFc Restaurant and did not want to involve in any activities or operations. He also employs a manager to...
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