My Favourite Teachers

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Favorite teachers
Hi! My name is Nur Nadiah Nabilah bt. Jainuddin. My favorite teacher is Mrs. her. He was my favorite teacher because he has done a lot for me. He always makes the lessons fun and easy. Students in the class learn faster and understand because the way he teaches. I learned quickly because I was in class. He was a special teacher and he was very nice and good. He was a good teacher because he always makes sure everyone learned the lesson. If a student does not understand the lesson, he was careful to teach them so they understand before moving on. He was not that because he tried to keep every body in our class passed the exam. Another reason Mrs.Munirah my favorite teacher because he knows the family and my culture is really good. He also tried the food culture of the people in this country that my parents were born. However, he is one of a kind teacher. He is because he is really concerned about if students really understand the content. Some teachers only teach lessons and let the book is to teach them. Mrs.Munirah beyond that point and not on the board, as he describes it. Mrs.Munirah like to give extra help to students. When many students need extra help him go on the computer, find something that explains our education, and interest in Promethean boards. Really help students in our class because it explains step by step lessons. Students can take notes on what the board says, and learning to the next test. In this way, more students can pass the tests. Mrs.Munirah also make the class laugh. That is another good reason for him to be your favorite teacher. Sometimes in class, he makes jokes while no one expects ...
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