My Favourite Person

Topics: The Fame, The Monster Ball Tour, Lady Gaga Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: January 18, 2011
My favourite person is outrageous, she tries to surprise people and be original. She is a fashion icon, creating most of her own clothing; whether it’s made out of disco ball mirrors, glitter, or skin tight leather, people can’t help but stare. The music that she creates has given her many number one hits and she’s won many awards. This person is a beautiful, successful, and kind. Whether you love her or hate her, it seems like no matter where you look you can’t help but hear the name, Lady Gaga.

When one is talking about Miss Gaga, beautiful is an understatement. Her fashion choices continuously make headlines. She fabricates most of her clothing out of body-hugging spandex and leather, a lot of twinkling glitter, and shimmering disco ball mirrors. Ever since she became Lady Gaga, the clothing she wears has all been inspired by the disco era. She sometimes goes out wearing nothing but a revealing bra and underwear. In an interview she once said that she wears what she wears not only because it’s a fashion statement, but because her grandmother became terribly ill and because of her illness she lost most of her eyesight and now she’s only able to see the outline of things, so when the Lady is on TV, or in pictures, her grandmother can see her because of the clothing that she wears. Gaga is often changing her already stunning hairstyles using wigs and weaves. She started off career in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York City, New York with long brown hair, eventually becoming lengthy, vivid platinum blonde hair, then she cut it short in the video of her song Paparazzi. In the Bad Romance video her hair was long again, but with the release of her and Beyoncé’s song Telephone, her hair was even longer and she coloured bits of it yellow, often using a corded phone as a hat. Her fashion choices are stunning and amazing. In my eyes she’s a very beautiful person inside and out. With seven number one singles in a row and many awards she's one of the most...
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