My Favourite Literal Character Jane Eyre

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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State Examination (theoretical questions)

Major English


1. The Noun. Number and Case.
2. The Verb. Tense, Aspect, Correlation.
3. Word – Combinations. Various Theories. Types of Word – Combinations. 4. The Sentence. Principles of Sentence Modeling.
5. The sentence. Types of sentences


1. Mutation in OE and Its Later Results.
2. The Great Vowel Shift.
3. The Formation of the National Literary Language.
4. The System of Declension and Its Later Development.
5. The System of the Weak Verb and Its Later Development.
6. The System of the Strong Verb and Its Later Development.


1. The Linguostylistic Method of Analysis.
2. Linguostylistic Concepts Proper. Tropes and Figures of Speech. 3. The Problem of Style and the Subject of Linguostylistics. 4. Liguopoetics of verbal art. The Polyphony of the Word as a Linguopoetic Device. 5. Functions of Speech and Functional Styles. The Intellective Style and the Style of Verbal Art. Their Characteristic Features. 6. Linguostylistic categories. Stylistic layers of the vocabulary.


1. Lexicological Phonetics.
2. The Basic Tunes in English.
3. Segmental Phonology. The Phoneme and Its Definition. Phonotactics. Consonant Clusters (initial & medial). 4. Philological Phonetics.
5. Prosodic Features of Speech. Paralinguistic Features of Speech. (Voice Qualities & Voice Qualifications


1. Word-Groups and Phraseological Units
2. Affixation and Word – Composition as Ways of Forming Words. 3. Meaning. Types of Meaning. Word – Meaning and Meanings in Morphemes. 4. Word – Meaning and Motivation. Change of Meaning.
5. Word – Structure. Classification of Morphemes. Procedure of Morphemic analysis. 6. Word – Formation. Means of Word – Formation.

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