My Favorite Teacher: "V" Is Vanderveer

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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In high school, a teacher can either be hated for passing out failing grades or adored for all their hard effort in teaching their students math. Although Mr. Timothy Vanderveer from Hesperia High School was hated, adored and looked like the basic nerd with a pocket protector, he became my favorite teacher for his dedication and challenges he presented to his students. I will never forget how to graph an absolute value equation because it will always form a "V for Vanderveer," as he engraved in our heads. Mr. Vanderveer encouraged strong learning skills, respected his students' intellect, and taught us the balance of studying and fun. Vanderveer always pursued to teach all his students a strong ways of learning when studying. He would hold his fingers up vertically and say, "if the big bad wolf were to huff and puff on this wooden fence of knowledge, all the hard effort would be destroyed." He would then interlock his fingers horizontally and would say, "if the big bad wolf were to huff and puff on this brick wall of knowledge, it would be a stronger way of learning." Although I believed math was the easiest subject in high school, I felt I only learned enough to get through the class, but learning how to study building my knowledge like a brick wall was helpful. Helpful enough for me to remember calculus four years after when helping my sister with her calculus homework now and remembering calculus when I took it once again in college. My favorite teacher was the head of the math department, graduated with a Ph.D. in math, and a grader of the calculus AP tests, but still respected the intelligence of every one of student and encouraged questions, even gave up his lunch hours for students to come in if they had any questions. He was my math educator for two years of my high school experience. He was my educator of math analysis and calculus. He valued math so much that the math analysis class was not called trigonometry class because he felt there was more than...
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