My Favorite Teacher

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My favourite teacher
I had a number of favourite teachers in my years as a student both in the primary and secondary schools. But one Miss Ah Kim stands out as a true favourite. She was my English Language teacher when I was in Standard 3. Things did not start right with Miss Ah Kim. When I first set eyes on her – wow – who is this fat Chinese lady! When I say fat, I mean really fat. And she had this stern look on her face. In fact, we did not get on well at all. She picked on me on the first day itself. I was so annoyed and made up my mind to make her life miserable. Miss Ah Kim tried to mold me into a good boy but I was one rebellious kid. I refused to cooperate with her. She didn’t like me - so why bother, I thought. It went to the extent that she even cried because of me one day. But things took a turn in the month of May that year. It was teachers’ day. As usual all the pupils were busy getting presents for their teachers. I normally did not bother with such things but on the insistence of my form teacher, whom I rather liked, I agreed to make a card for Miss Ah Kim. Then I put it on her table. I hid outside the staffroom to see what she did with my card. To my amazement, I saw her read and reread it. Then she wiped the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. And finally she put my card under the plastic cover of her record book. I was so touched and humbled by what I saw. And I am sure you are able to guess who the star student was in Miss Ah Kim’s English class after that.
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