My Favorite Sport

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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My Favorite Sport
“Great teams are not made up of many well rounded players. Great teams are made up of a variety of players, each having their own strengths.” by Pele. This is one of many things I have learned when I play soccer. It has been 4 years since I started to play this sport. I was just a kid at that time. After 6 years of playing this sport competitive, I confronted a lot of problems. I became a lot more mature and I understand life better. For example, I learn how to always keep calm, no nervous. I also learned to never stop believing and never give up in everything. One more thing that I learned was how to behave in life, being respect. When I was young, I was always having trouble to keep myself calm, not being nervous. This affects everything I do. Back in years ago, I always did well in practice and in unimportant matches. However, in important matches, when everything counts, a little mistake could take the whole match from you. I feel so nervous; I’m scared when someone pass me the ball. I couldn’t have the courage to do the things that I usually do in practice so I always play under my real ability. This also happens when I’m doing a test in school or having an important conversation with someone. After a long time of playing competitive soccer, I figured out ways to keep my self calm in any situation, how to focus in something. I became a very consistent player and being a lot more mature. Playing soccer doesn’t only help me with my nerves but also helped me become a hard-working person. When I first started to play the game, I was so far behind my teammates. I felt like I’m not for this game at all. One day, after a lot of practice and I still couldn’t do a long pass accurately. I was thinking about give up the game but my coach who is also a second father of everyone in the team talked to me. He knew how I was so disappointed in myself and how I feel. He told me a story about himself that he was as bad as me in the beginning but he kept...
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