My Favorite Neighborhood

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My Favorite Neighborhood

By | March 2011
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My Favorite Neighborhood

In the period of all my life I had the disgrace of moving from house to house too much. I never liked the fact that I had to move too much around, leaving all the friends that I had already made. I also needed to move from school to school every time I had to leave to a new house. When I was like seven years old I moved to another neighborhood, that one was my favorite neighborhood ever. It was named “Monte Elena” in Dorado, Puerto Rico. In Monte Elena I meet a girl that now is my best friend, my sister; even I’m the godmother of her son. This neighborhood has a park with a basketball court, swings, swimming pool, slides, etc. Monte Elena was the best place that I ever lived. My house was real pretty, my mother always had everything organized and clean. My mother’s room was the bigger, it even had a bathroom. My room was the smaller one, I had it decorated with colorful butterflies it was real cute. My brother’s room was half decorated with Yankees stuff and the other half with red sox stuff. My mother always teaches my brothers and me to be a clean and organize persons. My three brothers were not always like that, they cleaned just when they wanted something from my mom, which was funny. I cleaned my entire house except my brother room. I’m Rivera 2 the only girl in my house so I had a room just for me, and I like everything clean and perfect. My best friend name is Carmen. Her house was not the best clean one in the neighborhood. Carmen’s mother does not care too much about the house. But Carmen always had at least her room clean. Her room was the only part clean in that house. Carmen’s mom has five sons and one daughter. Carmen is the female child in the house like me. Carmen’s mother didn’t take care of her children; she lets them do whatever they want. Carmen in spite of all that, she is very different from her...

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