My Favorite Movie

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Movie: Never Back Down

The movie Never Back Down is an action/drama sports movie directed by Jeff Wadlow starring Sean Faris as Jake Tyler a rebellious teenager that often gets in fights especially after his fathers death. Then there is Amber Heard as Baja Miller that are the beautiful girl Jake Tyler falls in love with. And last but not least there is Djimon Hounsou as Jean Roqua that is a mixed martial arts master and becomes Jake Tyler's trainer.

The movie begins at Jake Tyler's last football match of the year. Since Jake and his family is moving due to his little brother that have been given a tennis scholarship, so they have to move from Ohio, Florida to Orlando, Florida. Jake is an American football player and at the last football match of the year Jake Tyler gets in a fight after a guy on the other team offends Jake by mocking him about his father's death after a legally tackle. Later that day Jake's mother talks to him about his fight on the football field that day since Jake's trainer called her sending Jake into a silent rage.

After Jake Tyler and his little brother arrived in Orlando Jake says “We should not just continue driving? Mom would never miss us.” Jake's little brother replies with “She'd miss me.” As a joke and I believe this hints you that Jake and his mother got a messy relationship and maybe Jake fells like his mother don't love him and only care about his not to aggressive and kind little brother. On Jake's first day in the new school he notice Baja in class and after the teacher ask Baja a philosophical question because she is not paying attention in class and Jake save her by telling the answer she thanks him after class. Jake then ask if she can tell him the location of a classroom in a flirty, but kind way . While he is walking to the classroom minding his own business he walks pass a fight in a dark alley, when he notice the one guy getting crushed he walks in and try to stop the fight dodging a punch from the guy...
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