My Favorite Magazine

Topics: Education, Fiction, Literature Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: April 9, 2013
My Favorite Magazine (The Viewspaper)

The Viewspaper is my favourite magazine. It is a weekly. It prints reviews of political and social events; notes on education and literature and a few items of fiction and poetry, every week. The first remarkable thing about this magazine is its get-up. The cover design is always beautiful and attractive. It is printed on very good paper.The articles are illustrated. The font is large and easy to read. The first section of the Views paper reviews the national and international events. The editor comments on every important news of the week. He explains every aspect of the news. He tells the readers the background story of every event in detail. This is one of the reasons I like this magazine. The editor does not try to impose his opinions on the readers. He analyses the events unbiasedly. He gives the readers all the relevant information. You are free to draw your conclusions. This magazine is not aligned to any political party. Its policy is free, transparent and independent. It looks upon everything from the national point of view. It has separate sections on Arts, Literature, Education, Science and Sports.

The Art section contains articles on Painting, Architecture and Music. These articles are Interesting and Informative. They are written in a simple and easy language. The literary section has a critical essay, a short story and a poem. These are written by famous authors. The most valuable feature of this section is the book review. In the Education section, the problems of teachers and students are discussed. The articles are written by people who are actively engaged in teaching. Naturally they have better knowledge of educational problems. The Sport section contains useful and interesting features on games and players . The questions of the readers are answered every week. Another popular section of the magazine is the Film section. It does not publish vulgar and sensational news about the personal lives of...
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