My Favorite Famous Person

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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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“To be famous is something that most people want to be. Everyone strives for it because they will acquire a lot of money, glory, publicity and more things like these. However, being famous can be pleasant line in haven but in fact it involves a lot of disadvantages, which make it more like hell.” „The majority of people aim at being famous because they want to be popular and they will be allowed a lot of things. One of the advantages of being famous is this that you meet lots of people and make new friendships. If you are a "star" you will have at your disposal unlimited amounts of money and thus you can afford buying most of the things you want, going everywhere at any time.  However, I do not agree with this statement, that being famous is heaven because in my opinion it's more like a hell.”

„My view on this topic is based on my persuasion that fame is engagement. When you are some kind of a star you must pay attention what public is talking about you, your family and friends. You must be careful and watch your own acts .When you are famous you can't live your private live. A lot of paparazi will keep eyes on you and you can't relax because you don't know what will happen at the next moment. All newspapers, Tv channels will discuss you and your problems. Obviously when you lose everything and audience talk about your stupid behaviour you will feel foolish. „

Being famous is a knife with two egdes. However, when you are famous you can be either the happiest and the unhappiest person in the world! Everything has good and bad aspects but the fame more like an obligation. Therefore living in the glorious world of rich and famous people may turn out to be living in hell.
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