My Favorite Dine in Restaurants

Topics: Steak, Food, Tortilla Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Karen Solliday
English Comp 1

My favorite dine in restaurants

I love all different kinds of food. There are a lot of places to go sit and have a nice family dinner or a dinner date with the boyfriend. The best friend also loves to dine in at a small restaurant out in Sturtevant. Its small but the breakfast is very good there. I love to eat but I don’t like the weight gain. I don’t think anyone does really. Food now days have gotten us so overweight with all the fat in food it’s just not as healthy anymore. There are so many different types of restaurants to choose from you can eat different ethnic foods all over the U.S. Mexican restaurant

One of my favorites! The enchilada dinner plate is so good. It comes with three enchiladas, rice, beans, sour cream and guacamole. You can go to a authentic restaurant and get some really good ones. The green ones are much tastier then the red ones. They are made with different kinds of peppers. My favorite restaurant for Mexican food is Tacos El Rey. Not sure if it is an authentic one, but the enchilada plate sure is good. They also make beef sirloin tip burritos that are also very good. Made with beans, cheddar cheese and beef tips. They make the burritos pretty big and you can get full of off just one. I would recommend going here to try their Mexican food. Italian Restaurant

It’s always nice to have a little pizza sauce once in a while. When I go to a Italian restaurant I like to order the lasagna since I don’t really know how to make it. All those layers of meat, cheese and noodles can really hit the spot. Oh and can’t forget the garlic bread, those go so well together. My daughter usually orders the spaghetti and I always tell her that if she wants spaghetti we could have just stayed home and I could have made it for her. I think she likes to slurp up the noodles and then wipes away the sauce left on her face with her shirt sleeve. But she loves it and it’s cute to see her eat the spaghetti....
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