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Unit Topic/Theme:
Subtopic| Duration| General Objectives| Specific Objectives| Content| Instructional Materials| Activities| Evaluation| | | | | | | | |

The Unit Topic/Theme
This is a general topic that covers the duration of the plan. All lessons covered therein must be related to the topic. From this topic, you will then select related sub-topics/themes that are of a shorter duration. The Rationale

This is a brief description and justification for the unit to be taught. Philosophical reasons and relevance to the learner and the society should be included. Instructional Objectives
The objectives are the foci of instruction and describe what the learner should be able to do and know as a result of the lesson or unit of work. Two types of objectives are considered:

1. General Objectives
These are general statements of intended outcomes. They encompass the entire unit and are too vague to be measured directly. Some verbs used in stating these objectives are know, understand, appreciate, be aware of, and be sensitive to. 2. Specific Objectives

These are specific statements about outcomes of learning encountered in specific lessons. They should cause change in behaviours. Ensure that you make reference to the development of the four basic language arts skills. Do not place emphasis on trivial learning outcomes e.g. the ability to define concepts. Do not allow these objectives to inhibit your spontaneity and flexibility during the teaching-learning situation. Pay attention to the three domains of learning—cognitive, affective and psychomotor (see next attachment with helpful verbs). A good specific objective:

* describes the learning outcomes that the students should be able to do (behavioural objective), know or believe (knowledge objective) as a result of the instruction. This should be...
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