My Father is My Hero

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Brett Fowler
My Epic Hero
My epic hero is a person that has been there for all my life. He has helped me through thick and thin. He is the man who made me the person I am today. He is special to my heart. Even though we have had our fights we always forgive each other. I love my dad.

One of the reasons that my dad is my hero is because when I had to go to the emergency room for my back he never left my side. He was the one that was willing to take me. He knew that I was in a lot of pain by the look on my face. When we got there he went in and had gotten me a wheel chair because I could not walk. Even though my back was fine, I felt better that he was there with me.

High respect for people is what my dad has. He always treats others how he wants to be treated. I remember a time when a park ranger called him an inappropriate word and he just laughed and wave and we drove off. He is always respectful to you no matter who you are or what you say.

Albert Fowler, my dad is the greatest hero in the world. He is always taking care of me. My dad has always had respect for me so that is why I respect him. For those reasons this essay is about him.
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