My Fall Semester Project

Topics: American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Townshend Acts Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Fall Semester Project- Reflection

5th Block-12/12/12

I thought that this fall semester project was fairly simple in the process that my group took to completing it. For this document based question essay, my group has had prior knowledge of the topic we chose which was the British having control over the colonists during the American Revolution. Since we had prior knowledge on this subject, it was pretty easy finding documents that we could use for our document based question. Most of the documents we chose were ones that we have already learned about in previous history classes. For example, some of the documents were acts passed during this time like the Stamp Act. We knew the effect that each individual act had on the colonists which helped our decision making progress. Some of the other documents that we used we found on some good American history document websites. These websites had hundreds of documents that had to do with the British and the colonists affairs during the American Revolution which gave my group plenty to choose from. Even though there were hundreds to choose from, only some had to do with the question and subject we were working with so that narrowed them down quite a bit. After finding the first 15 documents, we narrowed down the list to 10, taking out the least important ones. Some of the 15 documents were obviously less important than others which made it a lot easier to narrow down. After narrowing down the documents, one of the more difficult parts of the project came which was grouping the documents into 3 groups for the essay. One obvious group for our documents was the "act group" which had all of the acts and laws restricting colonists to do certain things during that time. The second group was the "big events group" which had all of the major events that the British did when controlling the colonists like the Boston Tea Party or the Boston Massacre. The final group was the "map, charts, etc. group" which had the charts or...
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