My Fair Lady Reflection

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: October 25, 2012
My Fair Lady Reflection
In the movie, there are some gender issues. In 1970s, women receive the unfair treatments. They could not live in the sex equality lives. Men always thought women were born for marrying with them, and their wives had to service them as the God. At that time, men usually went out for work, but women should stay home and do the household chores. In this way, men oppressed women indirectly. I think it is the sexism; males should not have the prejudice to women. Until now, these kinds of problems do not disappear, what can we do is respect to each other, not only men to women but also same sex to same sex. And why can women be like men? It has already twenty one century, women should fight for their rights, do not let others ignore women’s existences. I think the accent is one’s identity. For example, in Taiwan, if you hear an accent which you think that is strange, you may guess the person is a Taichung’s citizen, southerner or an aborigine. One’s accent is his or her characteristic, maybe it would lose something if you want to change the accent. For me, I was born in Ping-tung, in the south of Taiwan. When I speak the English, my classmates often think I have the different accent which I never notice. Some of them think my pronunciation is too Taiwanese. Whatever they say, I think that is my style, it is my individual characteristic. In this movie, Prof. Higgins changed Eliza successfully; Eliza had changed into another person totally. She had new style of speech, and almost removed the society class’s obstacle. But, at the same time, Prof. Higgins also changed himself by Eliza, he was attracted by Eliza’s characteristic. Well, I think we can not look a person’s difference by his or her words and deeds.
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