My Experience with Music

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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1. For the first half of the semester in Enjoyment of Music I have learned a great deal about music and how it is created. I have found that not just one person decides what instruments they want to compose and then have someone play the notes that are written down. I have also learned that there are all kinds of interesting and extraordinary styles of music that I have never heard of until this class. There are also a vast amount of composers that I have never heard of as well. A composer’s music is also thought up from the influential standpoint of their life. The birthplace, dealing with families, and their personality all affect how a composer’s music is presented. If a composer did not have a great childhood, they may remember this and compose a song that is toward hatred. There are seven arts that everyone in the world should know. Painting, drama, dance, music, poetry, writing, sculpting, and architecture are all used in the world of art. When the professor asked me the question “Could you name the seven arts?” I would only have been able to name 3. By learning the seven arts it is clear how important and effective one can use these. The elements of music are something I have also learned in Enjoyment of Music. Melody, harmony, rhythm, and form are four ways music can be heard from the ears of the audience. I now know what to listen for when I am listening to music because of this. Before this class I thought that music was only something that we as a society listened too. Now, I know that music makes the world go round. 2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is my favorite composer that we learned about from class. He was a prolific and influential composer of the classical era of music. One major reason he is my favorite is because he is so well known and the talents he had still demand respect. He composed over 600 pieces of work. That alone sets Mozart in the works of the most enduringly popular classic composers of the world. He...
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