My Experience with English

Topics: Education, Teacher, High school Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: April 9, 2013
My Experience with English
Before going to the University, I had the background of learning English over nine years ago when my parents encouraged me to go to an English Institute, and when the following year I had some English classes at High School. My experience with English in both places was very different from each other. On the one hand, I had studied English at an Institute for seven years, but when I first entered this Institute, I found that I could barely say a word. First of all, we were always a reduced group of people which the only goal we wanted to achieve was to learn some English and to have fun with it. Secondly, my teachers wanted me to learn as much as possible allowing me to discuss every topic we talked about, and allowing me to speak whenever I wanted. The last aspect, was the activities we made in class because we discussed different topics, we watched videos and movies, we listened to songs, etc. I found my experience with English at the Institute very useful. On the other hand, I had studied English at High School for six years, but I had had a relevant experience before so it was easier for me to study there. Different from the Institute, in High School we were a big group of students and not everyone liked the subject or understood the easiest concepts, so it bored me. Teachers went to class to teach what they had to, and sometimes they did not care if we understood or not the assignment or the concepts. They helped me but without paying much attention on my doubts. Lastly, the problem was the routine activities that we had to make because we had always to fill in the blanks or to make and answer questions. My High School experience with English was not rewarding enough for me. Although sometimes I learned the same contents in both places at the same time, these aspects that I mentioned before made them very different from each other. I think English is a language that should be used rather than doing exercises or making and...
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